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At AGATA Resource Centre we recognize the growing challenges for Black youth to maintain their mental well-being in today’s world. Having to navigate the impact of anti-Black racism and its intersections, increasing expectations and societal pressure, and having to find ways to make ends meet during a global pandemic. That’s why we offer a safe space for youth to come together, express openly, and engage in activities that support one’s journey to better mental health.


Youth WellnessWa-Pa Po

Wa Pa-Po is an Ubuntu word meaning “come together”.

Group sessions where participants get to press pause and unwind, while learning the best practices for developing healthy habits that support their mental well-being. Topics are structured around the real-life issues affecting our communities. How can we strengthen our communities by strengthening our own selves?


Transforming Justice

This program explores the possibilities of transformative anti-Oppressive frameworks for youth. With topics ranging from anti-Black racism, Indigenous perspectives, Islamophobia, the justice system, and supporting LGBTQ+ youth, participants learn to unpack, challenge, and re-imagine life’s oppressive architecture.

Young lady in a beret holding a sign that reads: Be happy we want justice and not revenge."



Navigating mental health, addictions, healthcare, and life is a difficult task, especially if you don’t know where to start. This service supports our youth in assisting them to find information, referrals and advocacy in locating appropriate resources to aid in minimizing barriers to access.

This program is part of our New Beginnings Referral service. Please contact us for more.

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These services are not designed for acute mental health crises, nor do we offer clinical or therapeutic support. If you are in imminent harm or danger, please call 1.833.456.4566, text 45645, or visit www.crisisservicescanada.ca.

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