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Good Mental Health

Having good mental health is a state of well-being where understanding and accepting one’s social functions makeup part of the universal core of self-actualization and acknowledgement of one’s potentials. 

How Mental Health Disorders Affect People

The other side of mental health there can exist the existence of mental health disorder. The onset of mental health disorder can occur during adolescence or at any stage of a person life and affect the person overall life span. This disorder is characterized by problems we experience with our mind (thoughts) and our moods(feelings). 

Some people experiencing a mental health disorder, believe what they are feeling, or thinking is like an enigma that will go away willingly with time or space. When left unsupported daily functions are disrupted as a personal war is waged on who own the day. As the days persist, so too are the complexities with an ardent appetite to coexist in people’s lives, taking their basic reality and replaces it with self-doubts, extreme feeling of inadequacies, and lack of proper self-management.  

Mental illness alters a person livelihood, it takes away the self-confidence, self-worth, and the longer the mental health disorder is left unsupported the more it becomes a barrier to social inclusion. 

If a person thinks he or she is might have a mental health disorder, first thing to know you are not alone. Mental health disorders affect approximately 20 percent of individuals during their lifetime, while the remaining 80 percent will be affected due to the illness in a member of the family. 


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